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Web forum

Ask your questions on the PORTS web forum.


USB main page

USB 2.0 developers FAQ

USB 3.0 developers FAQ

Controller chips

Device hardware. Development boards and more.

Protocol analyzers and other debugging tools

Example code (general)

Windows USB class drivers

USB On-The-Go (OTG) and embedded hosts

Consumer (end-user) questions. How to find products and get them working.

Partner Links

Human interface devices (HID class)

HID page


Example code


Example code and information

Mass Storage

Mass storage page

Device errors (USB drives)

Embedded Ethernet

Modules (RabbitCore, TINI), specifications, and more

Example code

Serial ports

RS-232, RS-485, and USB virtual COM ports.

Hardware and software

Parallel port

How to access the port (inpout32 DLL and similar)

More links to parallel port information

Other technologies

8052-Basic microcontroller boards and programming

Making Printed Circuit Boards

Jan Axelson's writing



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