Author Topic: Serial Ports Properly Crashing PC.....  (Read 5604 times)


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Serial Ports Properly Crashing PC.....
« on: August 17, 2010, 04:42:49 am »
Hi All,

I have an interesting issue a piece of C# code using 2 serial port is crashing my PC to extent of the NumLock/Shiftlock keys not responding.  The issue is the program responds as expected (if slowly) and really crashes if a Serial port monitor is used.  I was thinking one of the commands had failed and this was causing the slow problem (the board has a time out & returns an error code).  I was thinking run a Serial Port monitor to see if this is happening but once I run HDD Serial Port Monitor (used in the past with no problems) the PC crashes propely (hit the power button is the only option).  The two boards are basically PIC chips 16F & 18F, these boards work it's only the last feature of this software I am worried about.  Why does monitoring cause issues with the PC crashing, I could for example see how the port could crash the port but the whole PC?


Update just: Tried  AGG Advanced Serial Port monitor and hey it works?? so the problem appears to be HDD Serial Port monitor......... 
Any clues anyone????
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Re: Serial Ports Properly Crashing PC.....
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The procedures described here might offer a clue: