Author Topic: Setting a predefined static Serial Port for Win7 USB Connection  (Read 6897 times)


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Hi everybody

I'm building an application for testing a line of devices.
My device is connected to the PC using a standard USB connection and it appears in the Win7 device manager as a serial port.
Each time I connect a device it takes about two seconds for it to be available as a serial port. I guess it is due to the windows process of the auto detection.
How can I tell windows "Whenever a usb is connected to this usb socket - be sure it is my device, don't search for anything, just set it up ASAP" ?
I don't mind even if the device will appear as connected while I plug it out and in again.

Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to an answer, as it will be VERY helpful.
* If I missed a relevant thread - please refer me to it.
* I've posted this both under USB and Serial Port forums, as I wasn't sure where it belongs.


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