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Serial Ports / Re: SerialPort.GetPortNames returns Nothing
« Last post by Jan Axelson on December 12, 2017, 04:17:07 pm »
Check Windows Device Manager to view serial ports (Ports, COM). If you see one or more serial ports:

Use a breakpoint to view what is being passed to the combobox.

Be sure the port you want is not being used by another application.
Serial Ports / SerialPort.GetPortNames returns Nothing
« Last post by Olakunle on December 12, 2017, 02:08:23 pm »
Dear Ma,
Happy New Year in Advance. Thank you ma for your coding support up till this time. Please the challenge am currently having is on using the SerialPort.GetPortNames to return the Serial COM Port Names on the ComboBox of my Windows 10 Laptop using a Microsoft Visual C# Application. Each time I click the Command Button that execute the SerialPort.GetPortNames code, and then Click on the appropriate ComboBox to select a Serial Port Name, the ComboBox has no Serial Port Names returned by SerialPort.GetPortNames method.
Some online resources said that the problem with the serial port might be a permission issue, lack of serial port or corrupt registry. Please ma how can I verify each of these causes of the problem and also solve this problem. I mean that what are the ways that People with this type of Serial Port Problem are troubleshooting the Problem and also solving the Problem. Thanks.
Olakunle Olafiranye.
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by Jan Axelson on December 08, 2017, 08:39:20 pm »
Thanks for reporting back; sorry you had to suffer!
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by ulao on December 07, 2017, 10:53:08 pm »
After much hardship I was able to fix the issues in c# by delete the registry conflicts.
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by ulao on December 07, 2017, 09:16:08 pm »
Ok so now I see what it is doing but this is far past my knowledge.  In short it is creating multiple device instances. When I dynamically change the PID. See attached.

So what do I mean by dynamically changing PID....

My device holds an ID in eeprom. When the device is ran it dynamically alters the PID based on the eeprom value. This way each device ( I have 4)  is od04, odo5, odo6, or odo7. I need to do this to get the controllers to remain in order from 1,2,3 to 4.  When the name is changed windows messes up the device instance apparently. Only way to fix this is by manually editing the registry.

The issue is that this only happens with this dual device style report. but being linux is having issues with report sizes I have no choice but to use this.  I wonder if I can change the usage type to prevent this?
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by ulao on December 07, 2017, 08:49:46 pm »
I'm was able to figure out the issue on the linux side

   0x75,0x08,                      //    Report Size 1
   0x95,0x20,                      //    Report Count 1

My size Is apparently too big.  If I change to   0x95,0x05,  its fine.

So I guess I need to keep things as two devices and fix this windows bug. I tried to capture this in an image. Moving that section out of the main usage creates duplicate controllers.
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by Jan Axelson on December 07, 2017, 08:10:00 pm »
Each top-level application collection defines a HID function/device. See in the HID spec.
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by ulao on December 07, 2017, 02:45:08 pm »
yeah definitely removing drivers. The parser seems to like it both ways. Windows likes it with in the same collection but something about linux does not. When I keep it separate windows has a bug but linux likes it. Very strange bug. I'll play with the parser a bit and see if I can make it work. 

it's not really two collections, its more like two devices. Normally when I make two  Usage Page's like that I get two device. For example a mouse and a keyboard.  In this case its a gamepad and a hid generic. For some reason windows thinks I have two joysticks. (second example I pasted).  In the first example I put all collections under the gamepad device.  That works fine in widows but causes issue in linux. I'm not really sure why.
USB / Re: descriptor madness.
« Last post by Jan Axelson on December 07, 2017, 12:50:09 pm »
It look like you want to add four Feature reports either within your existing collection or as a second collection?

You could try this:

In Windows, be sure to uninstall the current device before reattaching with new descriptors.
USB / descriptor madness.
« Last post by ulao on December 07, 2017, 08:55:27 am »
I have this monster descriptor (that works) that I need to add one more piece too. It's too big for this forum.

In that example I added the extra part as a dual device but this is causing a bug in windows.

The part I'm adding is at the end looks like this
Code: [Select]
0x06, 0x00, 0xff,         
0x09, 0x01, // USAGE (Vendor Usage 1)
    0xa1, 0x01,                    // COLLECTION (Application)
    0x15, 0x00,                    //   LOGICAL_MINIMUM (0)
    0x26, 0xff, 0x00,              //   LOGICAL_MAXIMUM (255)
    0x75, 0x08,                    //   REPORT_SIZE (8)
        //generic (64 size) - good speed coudl always make a smaller packet
        0x85, 0x11,                    //   REPORT_ID (17)
        0x95, 0x20,                    //   REPORT_COUNT (64)
        0x09, 0x00,                    //   USAGE (Undefined)
        0xb2, 0x02, 0x01,              //   FEATURE (Data,Var,Abs,Buf)
        0x85, 0x12,                    //   REPORT_ID (18)
        0x95, 0x44,                    //   REPORT_COUNT (68) 64+(rid,command, 0, 0)
        0x09, 0x00,                    //   USAGE (Undefined)
        0xb2, 0x02, 0x01,              //   FEATURE (Data,Var,Abs,Buf)
        //LDC DC
        0x85, 0x13,                    //   REPORT_ID (19)
        0x95, 0xc0,                    //   REPORT_COUNT (192)
        0x09, 0x00,                    //   USAGE (Undefined)
        0xb2, 0x02, 0x01,              //   FEATURE (Data,Var,Abs,Buf)
        0x85, 0x14,                    //   REPORT_ID (20)
        0x95, 0xc4,                    //   REPORT_COUNT (196) 192+(rid,command, 0, 0)
        0x09, 0x00,                    //   USAGE (Undefined)
        0xb2, 0x02, 0x01,              //   FEATURE (Data,Var,Abs,Buf)
    0xc0,                           // END_COLLECTION

When doing this windows lists this device twice in the game controller list. Causing mayhem on the OS. If I put this section in side the first report windows is happy but linux gets all mad.


I guess I prefer the second one but where can I put this "api" as I call it so that it does not cause issues.
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