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Title: New to board -- bought a Beagle board, its not here yet.
Post by: rssnow on December 24, 2011, 01:26:40 am
Hi.  I am a disabled Navy Veteran.  I have a degree in Computer Science circa 1987, (which was on ibm 360 and 370 mainframes.)
By the time I finished school they also had PC's in the labs, but when I started in 1975 there were no PC's. 

My first home computer was a KIM-1 with a Teletype and cassette tape I/O ....

I sold an assembler program to Steve Wozniak and Steve jobs, they were working in a garage making the Apple II at the time.

We sold the kim-1 assembler for 19.95 a copy, we should have priced it about 300 dollars lol.

I am looking to make the beagle board into a home entertainment system as its primary display will be my hdtv.